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We will be a company that moves your heart with trust and love.


Total service from product development to production
The best end-to-end solution.

Osean’s Int’l Co.,Ltd is a beauty expert who can deliver end-to-end solutions. We are a cosmetic manufacturer based in south Korea. We have been trying to set up the world wide connection for manufacturing, exporting to provide the best cosmetic solution to our valued customers. Our R&D team can develop the customers new innovation formula. An in-house microbiology laboratory is set up to ensure the formulations are safe, stable and effective. We are able to keep innovating in cosmetics and to produce the best products for the customers.
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    최상의 품질로 좋은 제품을 개발하고 공급하는 것을 최고의 가치라고 생각합니다.
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    전문 장비와 인력을 갖춘 연구소에서 양질의 제품을 만들고 있습니다

Total service from product development to production

From product planning to design, production and shipment of end products, Votre Cosmetic offers an end-to-end service.
Votre Cosmetic has built trust with clients and has been manufacturing world class cosmetics products.
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    Global Network를 활용한
    세계적인 기술 및 Trend 보유
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    다양하고 변화하는 소비자의 욕구에
    맞춘 별종 별량 생산 시스템 구축
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    엄격한 품질관리시스템
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    원자재부터 최종 완제품까지
    각공정별 know-how 보유
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